About Us

Thank you everyone for coming to my website www.healthybangla.in and a warm welcome to all of you.

Hi, my name is Arunima Morial and I am from Kolkata, India.

I have been writing health related articles for the last 3 years.

All the articles me and my team write are always reviewed by Sagar Ghosh (Science Graduate, Location- Shyamnagar, West Bengal) and Dr Gautam Ghosh (B.H.M.S, M.D in Homoeopathy, Location- Shyamnagar, West Bengal).

We always share the reference web page from where we get correct information in the article.


Why did I make this website? 

These days we are facing so many health issues due to bad food habits and lifestyle, so I made this website to spread some information about healthy foods and health related good information.  


We all know that health is wealth and to make our life and family good health it’s necessary to eat well, nutrients rich foods and some good habits like exercise. 


Why a website? 

I am writing this website in Bengali language because I feel that the website is one of the ways to communicate with many people and share with them some good information. 


I am writing my posts on behalf of my knowledge, information and research. 


Note- this website is completely for information purposes so please contact your doctor, dietitian and trainer before making any decision.


What is my aim? 

I really want to see every person on this earth living a healthy life. I really don’t want some people suffering from critical illness. My aim is helping people to better understand about healthy food and healthy lifestyle. 


How to contact with me? 

Please feel free to contact with me on my email ID sg133322@gmail.com